^^ Let's Reading And Writing; Benefits of Them ^^

Bismillah Hay Friends, my hobby is reading and writing. And know, i wanna ask you to like them. Because of they are very useful for us. But, before it, i wanna tell you my brief story. Previously, i wasn’t like reading. But my neighbour lent his books for me. It was magazines. Okay, i read it. I read one by one the page. He lent me islamic book. One day, after i visited PMI Wonogiri, i had found a small bookstore. I interested to visit there. I bought a book After that, i often visits there. From there, my hobby was developed. From a megazine, i found an article which discussed about blogging; an activity to explore our talent in writing. I tried to make a blog. I had a blog in February 2009. I wrote my ideas, opinions, stories, etc. Until now i am a blogger. Why we should like reading and writing? I want to share my ideas with you. ^^ We should like reading because: 1. With reading, we can know everything. We can open the window of world by reading books. 2. We feel poor of knowledge, so that it make us keep searching. 3. What we read, it will determine us five years again. 4. It is positive activity which can develop our selfs to positive things. 5. Input=output. If we often read a good books, we will be a good person. ^^ We should like writing because: 1. With writing, we can explore our ability. 2. Next day if we die, what we white will not die. 3. We can useful for another people.

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