Last year, my mother slept in my boarding house. She stayed there because she went home in the mid night. She had to report her job during one year. She reported to Semarang office. My friend wasn’t in the boarding house, so my mother could sleep with me. My mother said that she would come in mid night. And really she came. In the mid night, i opened the main door of Wisma Melati. I heard car’s sound. I believed that it wa car used by my mother. Poor her, she looked so tired. After my mother arrived she wanted to subtitude her cloth, because she didn’t carry her cloth, so she used my cloth. My size and her size weren’t different. So my mother could use my cloth. Because of she was so tired, she could sleep easily. In the morning, my mother had to go to her office.about 6.00 am, we ate at Bu Endang’s restaurant. I liked eat there because the price was affordable, the food was so delicious, and the nutrient was good for my healthy. Hmm, yummy,, then my mother had to go to her office. After we had breakfast, my mother prepared to go to her office. My mother went to her office by public transportation. In the evening, my mother went and i went to our house. We used car to reach our house. From Semarang my mother bought some meal. I ate that on the way at car. In the way where it was close to my house, we watched my father who crossed us. After we arrived at home, i looked for the key of my house as soon. I was very shock, the key didn’t stay at the usual place. Hmm, i went to behind of my house immediately, oh the door was locked. Oh,,, poor me... it means that i had to be spiderwoman... ups spiderman... I tried, tried, and i tried to reach the leave of window in the top, in the most top. Oh, i didn’t reach it because i didn’t tall enough. Although we had used table to reach the window. I though, though, and though as Jimmy Neutron how to reach the most top window which didn’t lock. Oh,, there was chair to help me. My mother knew my action, so she forbiden me to do that action because she was so afraid of that. After my mother went out, i put the chair in the top of table, oh alhamdulillah, i could reach the leave of window. As soon, i opened the leave of window. I put one stick to open the leave of window. I reach the window by my hand, also i took up one of my foot. After that, i entered my head and also my other foot. Oh,, alhamdulillah, now i was here. I was staying in the top of window. This action was so difficult for me, but before it, sometimes i do it. Oh yeah, i acted this with my dress, but i had dismissed my jilbab. “Hoho.. i’m staying in the top” now, i thinking how can i climb to the down. Hmm, i tried one of my foot to turn the window, all action. I tried one by one carefully. After that, i turned my other foot. Oh that window was so height, but give thanks to Allah, i could act this without accident. After i stayed at a little top of window, i climbed to the down. After that my mother came and knew my action. She was very amazed and the pleasure was on my heart. Huft.... i opened the door which locked by its self. The last i was very happy. We could enter the house.

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i can imagine how you do that! :D


@ukh asasi: =) haha wis beberapa X kulakukan ini.. =)

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